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    Tutoring Subjects

Basic Math

Algebra 1 

Algebra 2




AP Calculus


AP Physics (B or C)

Calculus Based Physics

What You'll Need

All tutoring is done online and through an interactive, shared white board called Ziteboard. Students can connect with me through or the Ziteboard app. Both include chat functionality, so we can hear each other and see our shared work on the board. You'll need a tablet, computer, or smartphone for these sessions and a quiet place, so we can concentrate on the work together. 

Girl with Tablet

What to Expect

Studying in a Library

Tutoring sessions are 45 minutes long unless otherwise determined. The sessions are designed for each student's needs, but we may review previous homework assignments or tests, go over concepts and material prior to quizzes and tests, or address concepts and ideas independently of the material you're currently working on in class. 

Cost of Individualized Tutoring

The cost of each 45 minute tutoring sessions is $30. Payment may be made through a variety of methods including PayPal and Venmo. Payment of the first three sessions should be made initially to reserve your spot in the schedule, after which payment can be made weekly or after each session. 

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